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A. ‘EFP’ Tungsten Tying Scissors. Tungsten blade for long life and excellent snipping. Extra Fine Point for precise work. Large loops for easy on off, or tie with them always in hand. Best scissors we have ever tied with. NOTE: Color is now the matching BLACK AND GOLD like the EFP (B) scissors

B. ‘EFP’ Adjustable-Tension Scissors. Extra Fine Point on medium long blades make this the best ever scissor for hairs or furs, plastic tubes, and copper wire for all those wire-body patterns. You adjust tension to suit your taste and tying style. Extra Fine Point for precise close in work to snip dubbing from fur patch, or to select just the fibers you need for your tie. Beefy blade base give you power to cut all sorts of other materials. Comfortable loops, well made.

C. Arrow Point Scissors. Well-made, sharp point, all-round tying scissors for those who prefer the arrow point style. Comfortable large loops. Extra sharp for fine work. NOTE Color is now matching BLACK AND GOLD like the EFP (B) scissors

D. Extra-Fine Stylet Bodkin. We make this fine tool in our shop after looking in vain for years for a bodkin for the most demanding work. Balance and control is crucial for bodkin work – our long 5″ steel hex handle gives just the right heft and balance for maximum control; won’t roll off the table and stick in your foot, either. Extra short and fine stylet gets the point where you want it for exact work. A surgeon came by our booth at a show in NJ and said, “Ah… very nice balance and feel. I like this tool a lot.” If a surgeon likes it, so will you.

E. Bodkin (Standard point). Also built by us with the heavy steel hex handle for precise control for any job.

F. Dubbing Pick/Brush. We love this tool. Same great handle for best control, and an aggressive business end that picks dubbing like mad. Much more efficient than a single-point approach with a bodkin, this tool will pick a hare’s ear in nothing flat. We use this as a brush only on coarser materials — we don’t recommend it on marabou for example. A great tool that we use all the time.

G. Whip Finisher. Brass handled, rotating whip finisher to make quick work of finishing any fly. We like this tool because of the ‘long reach’ – a must have feature if you tie tubes and shanks. An economical and well made tool for all purpose work.

H. The Rite Bobbin. We looked around pretty carefully and selected this bobbin to be in our mix of top quality tools for tyers. This is Rite Bobbin’s ‘regular’ bobbin with standard length ceramic tube. Rite Bobbins are very popular for their tension-adjustment capability – a very useful feature for all thread sizes. You should have at least two of these on your bench. USA Made by good guys in Montana.

I. Ceramic Tip Thread bobbin. A very economical ceramic bobbin for everyday tying. Spring wire tension adjustment. Ceramic tube is US Made. One could/should have several of these on hand at this price.

J. A Classic – the English Style hackle Pliers. Timeless design and utility. Simple and powerful. We’ve seen lots of hackle pliers enter the market place that spin, twirl, rotate and claim all sorts of capability. We always come back to the English Style – quick grip on any material; insert finger in loop; and wrap with always the best control and placement. And isn’t that what it’s all about?

K. Waxed Cotton Tool Roll. We’re especially pleased about this product. Made for us in Maine by Maine-Made Best Co, manufacturers of top shelf fly tying cases and other fine angling-related products. This is waxed cotton with leather accents. Will hold our Basic and Deluxe tool sets easily, with room for other things. Can accommodate tools up to 6″ in length. Leather ties to secure the roll. Open flat size 9 1/2″ X 13 1/2″. Length when rolled 6 1/2″.

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'EFP' Tungsten Tying Scissors, 'EFP' Adjustable-Tension Scissors, Arrow Point Scissors, Extra-Fine Stylet Bodkin, Bodkin (Standard point), Dubbing Pick/Brush, Whip Finisher, The Rite Bobbin, Ceramic Tip Thread bobbin, A Classic – the English Style hackle Pliers, Waxed Cotton Tool Roll


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