All HMH Vises have a Limited Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects on the parts.

HMH – Kennebec River Fly and Tackle Co, the manufacturer of HMH Vises since 1994, will honor the warranty of API (1983-1994) and Hunter’s HMH Vises (1975-1983) if the current production parts are compatible and/or the vise is still in production.

The Limited part: Please note that it is not considered a manufacturing defect that parts like the Jaws, Cam levers and Adjusting knobs have become warn or the jaw edges rounded over or faces burnished after decades of use. We use the analogy of the brakes or tires on your car; with use, these parts wear and have to be replaced. We intentionally make the jaw less hard than the hooks because if the jaw was harder, the hooks would be nicked or scored and will break when stressed by a fish. Improper or use of the vise for anything other than for fishing fly tying, negates the warranty as does damage from using pliers or wrenches to tighten or remove parts, dropping the vise, fire or water damage.

Also note that professional tiers and commercial tying houses that uses HMH Vises are exempt from the lifetime warranty due to the volume of hooks and the repeated stresses exceed the material capabilities we make the vises from. We will provide replacement parts at wholesale pricing to maintain these vises.

To claim a warranty replacement, please send the defective or broken parts with $20 to cover shipping and handling to:

HMH Vises
432 Elm St Ste H
Biddeford, ME 04005

Please make sure your address and phone number is included in the shipment in case the part you need is no longer made or a better replacement has been developed. Other parts may need to be purchased to complete the vise with the new part.

Any questions call 207-729-5200 or email us info@hmhvises.com