HMH Tool Sets



Scissor Set. This set of scissors will cover all your cutting needs at the tying table for a long time. Set includes EFP Tungsten Tying Scissors, EFP Adjustable Scissors; and Arrow Point Scissors.

Pro Tyers Accessory Set. This set includes both bodkins and the dubbing pick/brush. If you’re serious about the finer points of tying, such as proper placement of materials in a pattern and working with dubbing to create realistic patterns, then these tools are what you need.

Basic Tying Tool Set. This includes just the basic set of tools that will allow you to tie virtually any fly. Includes Arrow Point Tying Scissors; Economy Ceramic Thread Bobbin, English Style Hackle Pliers, Whip Finisher, and the Stylet Bodkin.

Deluxe Tying Tool Set (pictured below). Everything you’ll ever need. EFP Tungsten Scissors and EFP Adjustable Tension Scissors; the Rite Bobbin, English Hackle Pliers, Whip Finisher, Standard and Stylet bodkins, , and Dubbing Pick/Brush.


The HMH Waxed Cotton and Leather Tool Roll shown rolled up and tied filled with the Deluxe Tying Tool Set.

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HMH Tool Sets

Scissors Set without Tool Roll, Scissors Set with Tool Roll, Pro Accessory Tool Set without Tool Roll, Pro Accessory Tool Set with Tool Roll, Basic Tying Tool Set without Tool Roll, Basic Tying Tool Set with Tool Roll, Deluxe Tying Tool Set, Deluxe Tying Tool Set with Tool Roll


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