HMH Spartan/ST/SX Replacement Parts


Replacement parts for the HMH Standard Vise.


HMH stocks a full a assortment of parts for all HMH vises.  Also if we don’t have it, we can make it!

Additional information

Spartan/ST Vise parts

6001 Collet, 4021-s Chassis, 506 Lock ring, 507 Adjusting Knob, 508 Cam lever, 4050-o Orvis Chrome Cam lever, 6003 Draw bar, 4065 Drawbar o-ring, 4070-SP Cam pin, 4090 Delrin washers (4), 4270 Delrin C-clamp pad, 4300 C-clamp rod, 4310 Brass knurled head base screw, 4310-c Stainless knurled head c-clamp screw, 4310-SX SX/ST base set screw, 4330 Base cork pads, 4350 Pedistal stand rod, 524 lock ring set screw, 5010 socket head cap screw


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