HMH Mandrels and Pins for Tube Fly Tying


These are the replacement pins to supportĀ  the inside of our rigid and poly tubes.

Large (0.062) pins are for our large tubes

Medium (0.041) pins support our small rigid and poly tubes

Small Starter pin (0.031) supports the Micro and thick walled tubes

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Premium 2-Mandrel Set (.041 and .062)

Medium Premium Mandrel (.041)

Large Premium Mandrel (.062)

HMH Starter Pin Set (.031, .041 & .062)

HMH Small Starter Pin (.031 for thick-walled tubes)

Additional information

Mandrels and Pins

Premium 2 Mandrel Set (.041 and .062), Med. Premium Mandrel (.041), Large premium mandrel (.062), Starter Pin Set (.031, .041 and .062), Starter Pin (.031)


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